Saturday, July 27, 2013

entertaining - fantasy

Toy had been preparing for this dinner party for weeks. 

She has the table neatly set and every dish ready, some kept warm in the oven and some kept cool in the fridge. Before-dinner drinks are ready to be dispensed as guests arrive. Toy is dressed in a classic 1950's day dress, torsolette, crinoline, seamed stockings, high heels (a challenge for her), leather wrist shackles binding her hands in front of her, and a medium-sized anal plug under her thong.

Toy is beside Owner as each arriving guest is greeted at the door, she is ready with a smile to take their coats and drink orders. She carefully brings out the drinks on a tray and serves each guest as they have a moment of conversation before the meal. 

Owner decides to have the guests seated for dinner and Toy delivers the first course. When she has finished, she sits in the chair to the left of Owner so that she is within reach. Toy's role at the dinner party is hostess as well as maid and she is responsible to ensure that each person at the table has been included into the conversation. She is mindful of keeping her own responses to questions succinct. 

The meal continues with each course and Owner is pleased with Toy's behavior. When she is seated his left hand rests on her upper thigh, caressing. When he wishes to challenge her, he pinches her flesh fiercely between his fingers when she is mid-sentence. As the meal nears completion, his fingers move to rub roughly at her clit encouraging her to wiggle and moan.  

However, that is just a tease because it is time for the after dinner entertainment. Toy regains composure even as she is blushing as Owner unfastens the shackles around her wrists. Toy moves to the piano while the guests settle onto sofa and chairs nearby. One of her assignments had been to prepare three pieces to play and sing for the dinner guests. Her diligent practicing has paid off and she performs well. On the last piece, she has to maintain eye contact with Owner for the duration of the song without fumbling a note on the keys. The guests are pleased and clap politely.

"Good girl," Owner praises. "Now, the real entertainment." 

Toy is told to stand, place her hands on the piano bench, and present her rear to the guests. She is ordered to lift up her skirts. There are murmurs of appreciation at the bruises and stripes that cover her ass. Owner proudly displays his artwork and receives compliments on the even placement of the caning stripes on her thighs. Owner gives her a few thwacks on the anal plug before pulling out flogging implements and invites his guests to have a go.

The flesh is already quite tender from previous treatment so Toy can't help but cry out at even the first strikes. Everyone laughs wickedly at her pain. Owner encourages her to keep 'singing' for them. She cries out loudly with each blow. Each guest that wishes takes their swings. Her feet tap dance in place.

Before too long, Owner takes his turn. He sits on the piano bench and takes her over his knee, turning her so that she is facing her audience and so they can watch her crying. He holds her wrists behind her back in his left hand and lands hard spanks with his right.

As the intensity reaches its height, his right hand ceases raining down on her ass and two fingers dive into her drooling pussy. He rubs at her G-spot.

"Ready?" Owner asks Toy.

She can only nod.

"Come for me by the time I reach one," he orders her. "Ten... nine... eight..."

Her whole body begins shuddering as the countdown begins. The guests cheer them on and his fingers move faster. She is overwhelmed with the display and the urgency and begins her orgasm when he reaches "three." She nearly screams at the crest, just making it in time, and falls limp and panting. 

There is applause.


After the guests have left, Owner holds her and kisses her gently.

"I am pleased with my toy."

Thursday, July 25, 2013

bathtub fun - fantasy

Toy is assigned cleaning Owner's bathroom. She does her cleaning in nothing more than a heavy leather play collar, a light cotton apron, thigh hi stockings, and flats. The door is left open for anyone in the house to see. Toy is careful and deliberate in her service. When Toy finishes her task, Owner arrives to inspect and approve her work.

He tells her she did a good job and that he is pleased. He takes her to his bedroom and tells her to get on the bed. Toy's hands are bound in front of her with rope, ankles too. She is gagged so that she doesn't make too much noise. Owner slaps her face and breasts, twisting her nipples.

Toy is surprised when Owner blindfolds her and leaves the room, closing the door. She is left there waiting and wondering. She listens for his return.

She hears the door open and feels herself lifted and carried over someone's shoulder. She can tell that she is being carried through the house, but doesn't know where. There are many stops and turns.

Suddenly, Toy is swung around. She screams around the ball gag as she is dropped. Her fall is very short before she splashes into warm water. Toy had been dropped into the bathtub.

The ball gag is removed and replaced by a hard cock. Toy is face fucked then her nose is pinched closed as she is dunked into the water by a hand on her collar. She is held down a few beats, brought up again gasping, and shoved back onto the cock. Suck, gasp, dunk, gasp.

Toy is held under the water, her nipples fiercely pinched and pulled, raised above the surface. Bubbles come up as she screams in the water. She feels the last of her air leaving her lungs so she gives her safe signal and is lifted up, gasping.

She is pulled out of the tub, her knees hitting soft towel. Toy has a moment of relief as her hands are untied. Fingers tight in her hair, she is bent over the side of the tub and her ass gets paddled fiercely. Every few slaps, the hand in her hair dunks her face back into the bathwater.

Once she's had some good smacks, then she feels strong hands on her hips and Toy's cunt is penetrated by a hard cock. She is fucked fiercely with a few swats from the paddle thrown in between the thrusts. She hears the paddle hit the floor and her clit is greeted by a strong vibration, which propels her closer to orgasm. 

Toy begs to come, wiggling against the clit vibe. She hears Owner's voice. "Not yet." 

The cock in her pussy withdraws and she cries out in frustration. She is dangling on the edge of coming.

Her asshole is suddenly filled and the surprise almost startles her into coming. Toy begs some more, but is denied as the thrusting resumes. The vibrator is still buzzing against her clit and her body starts shaking. Her pleas get more desperate.

"Come for me!" Owner orders her. The blindfold is torn off and her face is dunked back into the water. Holding her breath, Toy orgasms. As she is released and gasps for breath again, the intensity of the orgasm doubles. She is spasming all over.

The fingers in her hair yank cruelly, making her cry out, and she is roughly fucked up the ass until a spasm within her and a deep male moan.

Toy is still gasping and blinking against the brightness of the room as her ankles are untied and the sopping clothing removed. Owner kisses her and lifts her back into the bathtub already draining. He starts the shower and climbs in with her, lifts her to her feet, and washing her body. "I always clean my toys after I use them."

After he has washed himself as well, the shower is turned off and he dries them both off with a towel.  

The bathroom is a mess of water, towels, wet clothing, and discarded goodies. Owner looks around, gives Toy a final smack on the ass and tells her, "Now clean it all up again like a good girl."

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


The moment that Toy opened the door to her building, Owner was on her, pulling her wrists above her head and pushing her against the wall, with a soft, "Come here." He kissed her.

"Keep them there," He said, referring to her hands, and slid his left hand under the skirt of her dress wasting no time in rubbing her clit through the open-knit fishnet stockings. She wore no panties underneath. Toy was already wet from anticipation, but felt a rush of arousal at his touch.

"I missed you," Owner told her as he rubbed, his tone casual. "So much better having someone else do it, huh?"

"Yes, Sir," she breathed, savoring receiving the touch while her hands rested easily.

He slid his hand under the waistband to gain better access to her pussy. She let out a soft moan. Looking at the stockings, he questioned, "How valuable are these to you? Can I rip them and tear a hole in them?"

"Yes, Sir," she answered, feeling pleased. That was the very idea she had in mind when she picked the out.

He licked the fingers of his right hand and reached under her skirt and down the back of her stockings, thrusting his fingers in her asshole so that his fingers were penetrating her front and back. Toy felt her face go hot. The sounds of her soft moans echoed up the concrete stairwell and she was aware that any minute another tenant could open a door and see her up against the wall, hands obediently over her head, skirt around her waist, and this man with his fingers inside of her most intimate places.

Almost as soon as the thought of getting caught crossed her mind, there came the sound of a door opening a floor above and someone starting down the stairs. Owner caught her eye, grinned, and released her. Toy felt the energy shift as they both acted as though nothing at all unusual had been happening. They passed the other tenant on the stairs, saying polite greetings, and headed up to her flat. Toy's heart was pounding and she couldn't help but giggle a little from the rush.

Inside, Owner gave Toy a hard slap on each cheek, the left blow hard enough to make her ear ring. She gasped and broke into a grin. She had missed this.

He had her get on the floor on all fours while he tore the crotch out of the stockings and put it in her mouth. He chatted with her as he ripped the stockings to his liking. He asked her about her assignment and she answered around the cloth in her mouth, "Yes, Sir."

"How long was it? Two weeks?"

"Yes, Sir," Toy responded automatically and instantly realized her mistake.

"How many days?"

"Eleven," she answered correctly this time.

"That's not two weeks!" Owner scolded, giving her a pair of slaps on her now uncovered ass cheeks. "That's ONE." The counting of demerits had begun.

Owner left her there to whimper. He came back into the living room carrying her toy bag and document tube that contained the canes. Toy shuddered inwardly at the sight of the cane tube. He placed them on the sofa behind her and with a "What have we here?" began eagerly going through the bag and selecting his implements. Toy wasn't sure she was allowed to watch so she turned her face away.

"I just have to fuck this," she heard and felt Owner kneel down behind her and dip his fingers into her wet pussy. He sighed appreciatively as his hard cock soon followed. Toy moaned and looked at her hands clenching at the carpet, enjoying his thrusts.

Owner pulled out and placed her stocking feet on either side of his cock and ordered Toy to rub his balls with her toes. This was something they had never done together before and Toy felt excitement at the novelty. Toy flexed her toes like a cat as Owner moved his cock against the sides of her feet.

He ran his hands over her exposed ass, gave her some playful slaps, and pushed her dress up further. He pulled the piece of cloth from her mouth. "Stand up and turn around," he ordered. "Take that off."

Toy stood and turned, removing her dress over her head and dropping it onto a nearby chair. Owner was kneeling, shirtless, and stroking his cock. Top stood before him, in her dainty white bra that matched the stockings. "Spread your legs," Toy widened her stance and Owner fingered her as well.

"Show me your tits." Her hands moved to undo the hooks, but he stopped her. "No. Slowly. Very slowly."

Toy pulled the straps from her shoulders.

"Slowly," he cautioned softly. Owner was watching her very intently as his hand moved up and down his cock.

She took the right strap in her right hand and began slowly tugging downward. Deliberately, she unpeeled the bra material from her breast, pausing a few beats before revealing the nipple. Owner sighed in his enjoyment of the show. Toy followed suit with the left.

"Now take it off," he said suddenly urgent. "Get rid of it." Her fingers fumbled as she undid the hooks and tossed the bra to join her dress on the chair.

When she turned back, Owner was standing, naked except for his trousers around his ankles. "I didn't even stop to remove my shoes," he laughed at himself as he shuffled over to the pile of goodies on the sofa. He turned back with a clothespin in each hand.

Owner grasped the clothespins and glanced up at Toy. "Are you ready?"

"Yes, Sir," she responded, trying to sound brave. Toy remembered trying to put those clothespins on her nipples herself for her masturbation assignment, but the pain was too much.

He moved forward and clasped them on one and then the other, punctuated with a cruel little "Uh!" sound in his throat. Toy yelped, but was surprised that the pain wasn't as much as she had expected. That was the magic of their playtime; Toy's devotion to Owner combined with the rush of play gave her strength.

Owner grimaced as he fiercely swatted and slapped at the clothespin, Toy yelping a little louder with the tugs on her sensitive nipples. "Hurts. I know," he said in mock sympathy, giving a tug.

He ordered Toy to put his cock in her mouth and remove his shoes. "Find a way. And don't look away." Toy knelt down and followed orders, her eyes locked on his face, untying the laces by feel as she moved her mouth onto his cock. She was aware that the movement of her body made the clothespins bob painfully. Mercifully, he helped her by stepping out of the shoe. "The other one," Owner commanded and she glanced down at his right shoe.

"Did you look away? That's TWO." Her eyes shot back to look at his face. Toy felt a little sinking feeling in her stomach, ashamed at her failure at something as simple as eye contact. He hadn't even needed to do anything to distract her. She was out of practice.

Next came the trousers, but Owner was through with being easy on her. She tugged, but he didn't lift his feet for her.

"Take it off!" he ordered. "That's THREE. You have three seconds. 3 - 2 - 1. That's FOUR. Try the other one..."

Toy was racking up demerits as she tugged at one trouser leg than the other, moaning in frustration around his cock in her mouth. In desperation, she even tried pulling up on his calf, like one does to get a horse to lift its hoof. Toy couldn't help but glare angrily up at Owner.

"Use your words," he chided just as if she was a bratty five-year old. The humiliation slowed her down a beat. Toy pulled her head back, releasing his cock from her mouth.

"Please lift your foot, Sir," she asked, unable to entirely keep her annoyance out of her tone, before shoving his cock back into her mouth lest she earn more demerits. Owner complied this time and pretty soon Toy got him completely naked.

"Fold all that up in neat piles, right there," he said with an urgent tone in her voice. Toy felt herself smile at the opportunity to fold clothing like a good little domestic servant. Service was her favorite kink and she hurried to comply. She laid out the socks together and folded the underwear and trousers in a neat pile. She turned, thinking she was finished and was rewarded with another hard slap on the face, sending her ear ringing again and the clothespins tugging.

"What are you doing? You're not done! Get the wallet and the shirt too!" Owner scolded her, not quite yelling, but his tone raised enough to make her shrink a little. Owner noticed and checked in with her, his voice suddenly gentle as he asked her how she was doing.

"It's okay. Just please don't yell at me," Toy said quietly. She placed the wallet on the pants and grabbed the shirt, carefully turning it right-side out before folding it as well.

"Okay. I'm not really mad," he reassured her. She turned to see him already holding up the black nylon rope, making a knot and smiling at his work. "Kneel and put my cock in your mouth."

Toy complied and Owner ordered her to put her hands behind her back. His belly pressed against her forehead as he bent forward to bind her. She obediently slipped her forearms through so soon she was bound with her hands on opposite elbows. Toy quickly reminded herself what her safeword was when she was gagged and bound since she wouldn't be able to tap him.

Owner then enjoyed making her drive it further down her throat. Toy struggled and gave a muffled cry.

"Just relax and think of how much you love me," Owner coached, but as much as Toy tried, she continued to gag and gasp. He pulled her back and had her take three breaths before plunging himself in one last time. Toy gagged hard as he released her. Owner then rubbed the saliva from his cock all over her face. He was certain to smear her mascara. He liked the look of the messy eye makeup and Toy wore the cheap, non-waterproof kind just to please him. He told her she looked like a whore and she flushed with the humiliation. To add to her embarrassment, Owner made her blow a bubble with her saliva.

He grabbed a handful of her hair tightly and pulled up so hard she suspected some would come out. She immediately straightened and stretched up onto tip toe.

"Does it hurt? Does it hurt?" he growled at her. He grabbed at another spot near her scalp and pulled, moving his hand around her head, tugging fiercely and making tears jump into her eyes as she cried out. "You remember your safeword?"

"Yes, Sir," she gasped. Toy briefly considered saying it then since it felt like he was tearing out her hair, but she knew she could withstand more. Wanted more. It had been a long time since he had last hurt her and her masochist was just as starved as his sadist.

Owner released her hair and she felt her knees all wobbly as she struggled with her balance. Her scalp throbbed, burning all over. He held her gaze, his face calm and serious. "I'm going to choke you a little bit. Are you ready?" His hands came up eagerly.

Toy's heart jumped in excitement. It had been too long since she had been last choked and it was something she particularly enjoyed.  "Yes, Sir," she answered brightly.

Owner stepped towards her and pressed his fingers expertly to Toy's throat. She thrilled at the brief moment of panic that sets in. He pressed for only a handful of seconds and then freed her with a rush.

"Get on the floor." Feeling dazed, Toy knelt and went down on all fours. Owner moved away and Toy guessed that he was reaching for one of the canes. Maybe punishment time had come?

But he surprised her by changing direction and walking around her, saying, "I want my belt." He ordered her to pull his belt out from the belt loops of his trousers with her teeth. Toy focused on zeroing in on the buckle end and getting the leather between her teeth. She hadn't noticed that Owner had stepped on the tail end of the belt. So when she tugged and met resistance, she felt a moment of confusion.

"SEVEN. Pull harder," Owner urged, mocking her effort.

She noticed then where his foot was. Applying the earlier lesson, Toy stopped. "Please lift up your foot."

But this time, Owner wasn't going to go easy on her. "No." he said coldly. "Pull harder."

She got the leather back between her teeth again and tugged futilely as he continued to urge her on.

"EIGHT." Another demerit. Finally, he removed his foot and the belt started to slide out. Toy had to step on the trousers to pull the rest of the belt free.

Owner grabbed the belt and flicked the tail end on the clothespins making Toy cry out. When he spoke, his voice was full of menace and his teeth were bared like a wolf.

"You belong to me. I can do anything I want with you. And I'm a sadist. Do you like being my Toy?"

"Yes," Toy answered earnestly, "I do. Thank you, Sir."

Owner chuckled a little. "It said 'I.' Who is 'I?' You are just a Toy I can use as I like."

Toy felt her pulse quicken. She recalled fondly the first time that Owner called her His Toy. She felt warm all over to hear his voice reminding her.

To illustrate his point, Owner had Toy kneel down and put her left cheek to the rug. His cock quickly drove home and he fucked her from behind while holding her bound arms, pulling himself deeply inside her. Toy moaned and nipped at his cock with her cunt. The clothespins pressing against the floor and tweaking her nipples only added to her arousal. She breathlessly thanked him again.

Too soon, Owner withdrew and pulled her to her feet. He warned Toy he was going to choke her again, much to her delight.

"I've never choked you so much before. I don't know why I want to choke you so much, I just do!"

His press on her throat was lighter this time, but a little longer. Toy felt unsteady and stumbled a little as he backed her up to the wall. She barked her heel.


Owner's face showed genuine care as his brows drew together and his eyes stared into hers. "I didn't mean to hurt you that way."

Toy couldn't help but smile. That way. No, only the sexy way was Owner's way to cause pain.

He turned her around and the clothespins hit against wall making her whimper again. She had to turn and rest her right cheek against the cool, smooth surface. She could see Owner gripping the belt so he had a third of the tail to swing. He gave her some solid swats on the shoulders that made her wince. Then some slaps of the leather belt on her ass that were just as precise, but much harder and made her knees buckle.

Owner turned her and gave her another slap on the face. "Still a pain slut?"

"Yes, Sir. Thank you," she gasped.

His fingers rubbed at her pussy. "You're dripping wet! What a pain slut," he teased.

Without ceremony, he bent her over sofa arm, and fucked her again. Toy's legs were shaking from the intensity. Owner paused to swiftly untie her arms and give her shoulders a break. Toy was grateful because she had no idea for how long her arms had been bound and wasn't aware of how stiff they were becoming. Owner took good care of his property.

Now her hands were free to brace herself against his thrusts. He wrapped the rope around her waist and used it to pull her into him. Toy moaned loudly as he hit her G-spot over and over. All the sensations of pain and pleasure that had been built up with so many stops and starts were bringing her closer to the edge.

Owner noticed. "Do you want to come?" he asked.

"Ye-ye-yes, please, Sir!" she managed.

"Reach back and rub yourself," he ordered.

Toy didn't need much. A few hard rubs on her clit and the wave of an orgasm started to roll in. Her moans raised in pitch and her legs shook furiously.

"Are you coming?" Owner demanded. "You'd better be coming for me!" Toy was too far to answer. His pace doubled and he pounded her ferociously as she went under the crash of the orgasm. She pushed back into him as her entire body deliciously spasmed and clenched. Her cunt briefly tightened like a vice.

"Yesssssssss," her voice came out as a breathy hiss. Toy collapsed forward onto her hands, shuddering softly.

But there is no rest for the wicked. Owner pulled her around to the front of the sofa, keeping his cock in her pussy, and begin pulling on the clothespins still fastened to Toy's nipples. Toy cried out loudly at the abrupt shift from intense pleasure to intense pain. She writhed and wriggled on his cock, struggling with the pain.

Owner enjoyed her movements and kept pulling and tweaking the clothespins. Toy felt a lurch in her chest and her cries of pain turned into sobs. She let herself go, struggling no longer.

"Do you want to stop?" Owner asked.

"No," she whispered between sobs. She was feeling herself lightening already.

"Good. Torture yourself," he ordered and moved his hands from clothespins to her hips.

She obeyed, twisting and tugging the cruel clamps on her abused nipples and sobbing more. Toy had recently discovered that when she cried it was a turn-on for both Owner as well as herself. Their sadistic and masochistic parts were fueled by it. In fact, her pussy was wetter than her eyes and she felt Owner pulling on her hips with more vigor.

He paused for the worst part and made sure she was ready. Toy held her breath as the clothespins were removed and sobbed again at the intense burning pain that accompanied the blood rushing back in. Throughout it all Owner moved her on his cock.

But his sadistic side wanted more. He pulled out and had her stand with her hands on the sofa seat. He stepped away from her. "Are your endorphins going?" he asked.

"Yes, Sir," came her trembling reply. Toy knew what was coming before she saw him holding the rattan cane. Even with her fear, she admired the confident way he held it.

"Good. Now I'm just warming you up. Don't count." Toy looked around her shoulder to his face in case he wanted her eye contact. The cane swished and connected with her ass already tender from the earlier spanking and belt whips. Toy gave a small yelp in her throat.

"How many was that?" Owner asked.

"One," she automatically replied.

"Don't count! This is just a warm up," he scolded, then laughed wickedly. Toy grinned at his playfulness.

His serious tone returned, "Let me know when it is ten. Do you understand?"

Toy didn't. Hadn't he just told her not to count? Her mind was also addled from all the chemicals coursing through her. "No, Sir. I don't."

Rather than explain, Owner demonstrated by giving her a good thwack. She jumped a little.

"What was that?" he asked. "What number?"

Realization dawned on her. He wanted to know the intensity of the pain on the 1-10 pain scale. She took a breath to urge her mind to work and give an accurate answer. "Five, Sir."

The next was harder and close to the first. She gasped. "Six, Sir."

Thwack. "Seven!" Her feet started marching in place. He didn't pause in his strikes. "Eight, nine, TEN!"

She gasped and her body curled inward momentarily as if to protect itself. Toy tried to force her breathing to slow as she knew the punishment hadn't even begun. She saw Owner pick up the rawhide switch. Toy trembled all over and almost started crying again. It was thin and very flexible so when it hit, it felt like her skin was being sliced. Once, it had wrapped badly and drew blood. The scar had lasted a long time. She was downright frightened of it. Owner had chosen an appropriate tool for punishing her. Toy cringed at the swish of his practice swings.

At the sound of Owner's voice, she calmed a little. Her focus shifted to the present. The first strike stung and made her suck in her breath a little, but she dutifully counted, "One."

"How many left?" he asked, pausing for her response.

Toy's mind felt so muddled that she surprised herself in being able to answer. "Seven."

"Good," he praised.

Whick! Whick! Whick! Toy counted each strike aloud, her voice high-pitched and nearly shrieking. 'Seven' and 'eight' came out as tight whimpers and she curled forward, crying. Her ass burned hotly and she wondered if the skin had broken. Owner scratched his fingernails down the marks to ensure good bruises, but she could barely feel him. He ran his hands over her, giving her a moment to recover.

His voice stirred her, pulling her present again and alert. "Did you finish your assignment? Did you write down your assignment?" Owner asked Toy.

"Yes, Sir," she answered, feeling herself brighten in eagerness to show him how good a job she had done.

"Go get your journal."

Toy was halfway down the hallway to her bedroom before she realized she was walking. She fetched it quickly from beside her bed and brought it back to him, holding it before her like a present.

She showed it to Owner, smiling widely and feeling so proud of her accomplishment. Rather than take it from her he sat down on the sofa and leaned back, his hard cock in his hand.

"Ride my cock and read it to me."

Toy straddled him and slid easily onto his cock, her pussy still quite wet. As she began to read the masturbation log, she gave a few bounces then settled into a rocking motion.

"Read slower," Owner directed. Once she got the pace correct, he helped her by pulling on her hips. She gasped and her voice went breathy. Then he moved her leisurely through a series of sexual positions, starting with lowering her backwards onto the floor which made her cry out softly, "Oh shit!" before resuming her reading. With each change of position, she had to shift the little book so she could read it.

Soon Owner had Toy on all fours and himself kneeling before her. "Keep reading," he ordered and pushed his cock into Toy's mouth. Her words became mumbles around his cock.

"What was that?" he teased. She repeated the sentence. "E-nun-ci-ate!"

Toy backed off his cock a little and tried to speak clearer. "Now, read faster. Faster!" He grabbed her hair and pushed his cock deeper into her throat making her vocal sounds purely rhythm. "I want you to finish that page by the time I count to three." Toy hurried to obey and the tempo of her vocal rhythm doubled as he counted, "One, two, three!"

He released her right as she was nearing the end of her exhale. Toy gasped.

"Let's go into your bedroom," Owner said and started heading down the hallway. Toy followed, carrying her masturbation log, and noticing with some apprehension that Owner was carrying the rawhide cane.

He stretched out on her bed, placing the cane on the coverlet next to him, and ordered her to suck his cock. Toy relaxed into the familiar position, sliding to her knees beside the low bed and leaning over his body. She slid her lips over the head of his cock, worshiping it and sucking it like candy. With her left hand, she stroked Owner's balls softly. He gave a contented sigh.

"Softly stroke my chest and legs," he ordered.

Toy's fingertips lightly skimmed his flesh, moving slowly down his chest. Owner gasped a little at the gentle sensation. Toy focused on keeping her touch light and moving around his body randomly while also working her tongue around the head of his cock and occasionally driving it deep into her mouth.

 "Mmmm. You're so good at that... My good little cocksucker," he praised and gave another sigh. Toy beamed and paused just long enough to thank him. His face was relaxed and almost angelic. It was a sharp contrast to his earlier expression of menace and bared teeth. Her lips smiled around his cock.

"I'm going to collar you today. For a week. Would you like that?"

Circumstances had made it so it had been years since Toy had been in Owner's collar. It was a period time from which she had many fond memories. When Owner and Toy started to play again on a weekly basis, he had mentioned the possibility of collaring her again. It hadn't been mentioned for weeks and she was starting to think maybe he had changed his mind. Her heart fluttered in excitement at his words. Toy lifted her mouth off his cock, smiling. "Yes, Sir."

"You'll have to publish your masturbation log where people can see it. How will you do that?"

She sucked at his cock while she considered. "I can start a blog again." The last time that Toy was collared by Owner, they had both kept blogs writing about their experiences. As an exhibitionist, Toy had found it incredibly hot.

"Would you like me to take anonymous photos of you again?" Owner asked.

Toy blushed and responded with an affirmative and muffled "uh huh."

The relaxed tone was gone when he said, "Get your phone."

Toy hurried to obey, but she had put down her smartphone before play time. By now she had no memory of where she put it. She quickly ran about the living room, checking under clothing and around the sofa. Eventually, she found it on her dresser and brought it to him, kneeling again.

"Straddle me standing, facing away, and hand me your phone." Toy obeyed and he quickly handed it back to her to unlock it. She unlocked the screen and tapped her camera app before handing it back to Owner. She could feel his energy shift again to the focus of an artist while he snapped photos of her welted and bruised ass and directed her how to adjust her body. Toy shifted back to her modeling role, following direction and holding her body still for the artist while balancing on the soft bed. She felt a thrill, recalling all of the photos they had taken together before. But this time was something new. A beginning.

Photos done, Owner had her turn around and ride his cock. Toy rocked her hips while Owner talked and she intently listened.

Owner explained that he didn't have a collar with him. Toy felt a mixture of relief and disappointment. She knew that his old black leather slave collar would not be appropriate for her to wear in her day-to-day life, but she felt a longing to see it again and touch where the leather had absorbed the mixture of her sweat and his semen. So it was agreed to use the pearl necklace she was wearing as a collar. Toy removed the pearl necklace and gave it to Owner as a gift so that it would then be his property.

Playtime was running out. "Do you still need to get fucked in the ass?" Owner sweetly asked her, ever considerate of Toy's needs.

Her face felt warm with shame and desire. "Yes, please, Sir."

"Prepare yourself and then sit on my cock."

This was a first for Toy and the warm flush spread over her body. She thanked Owner and reached for the nearby oil. She was surprised how relaxed she was; she could easily slide two oiled fingers up her asshole. She took her time enjoying feeling his cock through the membrane. When she was ready, she lifted herself off his cock guided him into her well-greased asshole. Toy felt her pulse quicken and the familiar fire in her stomach flare up when he penetrated her dirtiest place. He flexed his cock, making her gasp. She took the cue and started to slowly ride him.

Owner's eyes sparkled as he announced that now was the moment to have the collaring ritual. "You're the first sub I collared that wasn't kneeling," he told her as if having his cock up her asshole was a great honor. Regardless, Toy considered it to be an appropriately submissive position.

He held the pearl necklace between them, pinching the ends daintily between his fingers and studying it as he gave his terms. Little negotiation was needed. They had been down this road before and knew what each other's limits were. Even though Toy would wear Owner's collar at all times and consented to obey, she would still have the space she needed to work and study. Toy's heart fluttered when Owner brought up more opportunities to serve him. As completion of the simple ceremony, she bent her head close to his as he clasped the necklace around her throat.

"Kiss me," he told her in a murmur. She complied and her heart swelled in her chest.

Owner had her sit up and looked her over thoughtfully for a breath. "My property." His expression hardened and he turned her face at a slight angle and landed a hard slap on her left cheek. Toy struggled to keep herself from smiling as he turned her face the other way and repeated with the right side.

Suddenly, he grabbed her arms and swung her off the bed so Toy's head, neck, and upper back were on the floor and her tail facing the ceiling. He had spread her legs, putting her into the "pile driver" position and began fucking her in the asshole. Both of them moaned with the thrusts.

After a short time, Toy's spine protested. "Yellow!" she called out.

Owner thanked her for using her safeword and backed off immediately, lifting her up. "Neck? Back?" he asked in concern.

"Spine," she answered ruefully. Until then she had managed to go the whole playtime without calling her safeword.  She hated to have to stop knowing how much Owner enjoyed that position. But he didn't seem disappointed, he carefully cleaned his hard cock with the wipes.

He had Toy lay down on the bed, on her back and spread her thighs wide, placing the back of her forearms against the insides of her knees and grabbing her outside ankles. Owner called the position "butterfly" so that Toy would know its name and could assume it again when he commanded. Toy expected a deep fucking in this position, but he surprised her by kneeling over her and having her lick his balls while he licked at her clit. They moaned softly into each other's sex while their tongues worked.

Owner swung his leg over and knelt next to the bed, pulling Toy with him. He entered her and began pushing against her spread thighs, moving her on his cock. Then he leaned over her, biting at her neck. Toy moaned her delight.

"Wrap your legs and arms around me tightly," Owner breathed into her ear. She twined herself around him like the vine around the oak. Toy's pleasure increased with the squeezing of her thighs. The sight of her stocking legs against the muscles of his back looked so beautiful that she wished that there was a third person there to photograph. She ran her fingers softly over his back as her arousal mushroomed. Owner's thrusts picked up speed and her moans increased in pitch.

"Tighter," he gasped. Toy dug her heels into his ass and pulled him deep into her in time with his thrusts. Owner moaned louder at the encouragement. Toy was teetering on the brink and her knees shook. Her entire being grabbed at him. At his command, she released and was quickly pulled under the crashing wave of another orgasm. Toy felt her limbs lose strength as her body twitched gently.

Too soon, Owner pulled himself off of her and had her stand and bend over the bed. Toy was unsteady, but still in the wash of the afterglow. She whimpered seeing the rawhide switch in Owner's hand, but didn't cry. He tapped at her already much-abused ass.

"Ready?" Whisk! Whisk! Toy's feet pawed at the ground as she whimpered.

"Do you want stripes on your thighs?" Owner asked, his voice full of bright excitement like he was offering her an extra scoop of ice cream. Toy caught his playful energy and grinned at him.

"Yes, please!"

The switch sliced the air and bit the backs of Toy's thighs. Then Owner landed a swat on the sweet spot where her ass meets her thigh. She squealed, feet dancing in place.

"I'm going to hit the same spot. This is going to be really painful," he warned her.

She braced herself. Owner swung and the switch whistled.

But didn't land. He chuckled darkly.

Toy let out her breath just as the switch hit its mark true this time. She yelped and fell forward. Owner had on a delighted, sadistic grin and Toy knew that it matched her own.

"I love you," Owner told her, beating her to the words hanging in the air between them.

"I love you, too," Toy echoed.

"Now let's get stripes on those breasts," Owner said excitedly, stepping towards her. Toy half squealed and half giggled as he gave some swats near her sore and swollen nipples.

Owner posed Toy with her fresh coating of marks for some more photographs.

Satisfied with the photos, Owner put the phone aside and took a familiar stance: feet shoulder's width apart and stroking his cock. Toy knew what was next and felt a leap of excitement in her chest.

"Kneel. On your haunches."

Toy slid off the bed and onto her knees on the carpet before him.

"Lick my balls," he ordered.

Toy enthusiastically set to the task running her tongue up the right side. Owner moaned softly as she sucked one of his balls into her mouth and then the other.

"Rub my balls," he commanded, his voice thick with arousal. "Stroke the cum out."

She rubbed enthusiastically, her hand sliding easily from her own saliva. She watched intently as the excitement grew on his face, as he edged closer and closer. His mouth was open a little and he was panting.

"Open your mouth. I'm going to shoot my cum in your mouth and on your face too."

Toy opened her mouth wide with the tip of her tongue resting on her lower lip. Owner moved her back so that she was leaning back onto the bed and tilting her head to the angle that he wanted.

"Are you ready? I'm so close..."

"Yes, please," Toy responded with excitement, her strokes on his balls picking up speed. The corners of her eyes crinkled with her joy and her mouth a ready 'O.' She considered begging for Owner's cum, but wanted her mouth to be ready for him.

He pushed her hair back once more before he came with a loud moan. His spunk shot in her mouth and up her tilted face.

"Stay like that," he said and grabbed her phone to take another photo.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

masturbation log

Toy's Masturbation Log, published by Owner's instruction
a.k.a. 44 Kinky Ways for a Woman to Masturbate

1. tapping and slapping only, left hand for positioning, on back
2. ropes tied just below knees and to closet handle and bedroom doorknob so thighs spread, clit rubbing, rocking, on back.
3. tied to chair just below knees, around breasts and at belly, sitting upright, thighs apart, both hands clit rubbing while watching porn on the computer.
4. ball gag and collar, laying on stomach on the bed with head hanging off, clit rubbing and squeezing with two hands.

1. secured dildo on the seat of chair with ropes and steel O-ring, upright bouncing vaginal penetration, middle finger on clit, breasts against the seat back
2. secured dildo to the back of the chair with leather thigh harness, kneeling, rocking, vaginal penetration, clit rubbing
3. dunking face in sink full of water and holding breath while clit rubbing
4. dripping candle wax on breast, belly, and thighs while clit rubbing (lesson learned: do not use birthday candles for wax play)

1. standing inside bathroom stall at workplace, clit rubbing
2. riding on the train, seated, reading "He's On Top," kegels and squeezing thighs only
3. sitting on the floor during a hot shower, clit rubbing
4. dildo thrusting in pussy with right hand, clit rubbing with left hand, on back

1. while singing praise song "Order My Steps" (when taken from the religious context and twisted, it's a lovely song of submission!) clit rubbing, on back
2. clit rubbing with the electric tooth brush
3. clit rubbing while fucking pussy with hair brush handle in condom, on back
4. wrists tied together clit rubbing while holding dildo in pussy, on stomach

1. while crying, clit rubbing, on stomach, dildo in pussy 
2. ankles and just below the knee bound with rope in double column tie legs extended straight, clit rubbing, on back
3. curved zuccini with female condom, clit rubbing with left hand, on back
4. anal plug and dildo, on stomach

1. tapping and slapping with a ruler, on back, watching porn
2. nipple stimulation only and kegels
3. rope double column tie on ankles, kneeling, dildo, vaginal penetration
4. blindfold, ball gag, ear buds playing Eric Satie's piano works starting with "Caresse," clit rubbing on back (Owner and Toy are both fans of Satie)

1. rubbing clit with a tiny amount of wasabi, on back
2. wrists bound with rope, clit vibrator, anal plug, on back
3. blindfolded, sitting in the corner with forehead to the wall, dildo and anal plug
4. egg shaker in condom inserted in pussy, kegels, nipple pinching, on stomach

1. blindfolded, crying, clit rubbing, on stomach
2. ear plugs, blindfold, clit vibrator, moaning and breathing loudly
3. leather thigh harness strapped around pillow with dildo in pussy and nipple pinching, upright riding/rocking/bouncing
4. vibrating anal plug and fisting pussy, on back

1. secured dildo to chair back with leather thigh harness, anal penetration, on knees, clit rubbing, rocking, wearing bondage tape corset
2. ankles bound with rope, kneeling on the floor and torso resting on the bed, one finger in anus
3. vibrating anal plug and slit rubbing while dripping hot wax on breasts, belly, and thighs then slapping the wax drips with a ruler
4. with rope, tied myself into a "fuck ball" (on back, knees to chest, rope running behind neck and back of the knees with rope ends in mouth), fisting pussy while rubbing clit with left hand

1. bound ankles, calves, and wrists with rope, clit rubbing, on stomach with dildo in pussy while listening to your voicemail message over and over with ear buds. (Owner had left Toy a voicemail describing what He wanted to do to her)
2. in the bathroom stall at work, bound ankles, left wrist tied to the handicap railing and pulled behind back, pressing front of body and cheek up to the wall, clit rubbing
3. clit rubbing outside of panties, inside trousers, under coat while seated on a bench on the train platform, reading "Diary of a Submissive" on phone
4. climbing the hill, rubbing clit through trousers with house key in the dark

1. two clothespins on each inner thigh, one on each breast, clit rubbing on back, hanging head and shoulders off the bed, blindfolded
2. laying on back with clit vibrator, legs up the wall, feet towards the ceiling, ankles bound
3. in the shower, vibrating anal plug and clit rubbing, standing and pressing front of body against the wall
4. in the shower, one finger in anus, two fingers frigging pussy, standing

new assignment

Owner and Toy had been playing weekly. Owner gave Toy an assignment while He was away.

disclaimer and backstory

This is a BDSM blog meaning that the content within encompasses bondage, dominance/submission, sadism, and masochism. This is not a "how to" manual. If anything it is closer to erotica. This blog contains true stories and a few fantasies. They are explicit and contain the occasional photographic evidence.

All material posted on this blog is for 18+ audiences only and is NSFW. If you are a minor or are easily offended, PLEASE turn away now and DO NOT VIEW. All images, unless otherwise noted, are the authors own work. None of the content, writing, or images of this blog may be republished anywhere without the author's permission.

The real people described within are consenting, sane adults that have established trust and engage in safe BDSM and sexual practices. For the purposes of this blog, the Dom/top/sadist shall be referred to as "Owner." The author and submissive/bottom/masochist shall be referred to as "Toy." (Or whatever else the Dom wishes.) Owner and Toy have a past of being in a Dominant/submissive relationship together and this blog picks up with them coming together to play together again after a hiatus.

Polite questions and comments are welcome. Enjoy reading!